This study examined self-reported changes in young adults’ sexual desire and behaviors during the most significant social restrictions …

Our findings suggested that 247 BDSM is a socially constructed, consensual, full-time adherence to kink-related roles and …

Article in press. Based on qualitative data, we provide recommendations on ways school personnel can better support trans and bi …

Men who have sex with men (MSM) increasingly rely on geosocial networking (GSN) smartphone applications (“apps”) to form sexual …

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is reported to affect 6.8% of the population of the United States, but often goes undiagnosed due …



Beliefs & Coping with COVID-19

How do people perceive and behave regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, globally?

Inside & Out: Transgender Mental Health

Applies the pantheoretical model of dehumanization (Moradi, 2013) to predict transgender mental health outcomes.

Kink Identity & Sexuality Study

Two-part project investigating kink identity qualitatively while developing a psychometric scale.

Geography & Minority Health

Collaboration on the International Associations Between Location and Health in Minority Populations project.

Sexual Stories and Satisfaction

Implication of sexual scripts among MSM in how sexual practices and desires lead to sexual problems or take away from sexual satisfaction.

Curative Kink

Exploration of how survivors of childhood abuse heal from, cope with, and transform personal trauma through non-traditional sexual practices.

PrEP Stigma in Southwest

PrEP-related experiences, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors using a minority stress model.

The ATLESH Project

Advancing the Transitional Living Experience at SafeHouse.

Hierarchy of Desire

Partner preferences of men who have sex with men on geosocial networks.

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Rural Reading Rainbow is an evidence-based project to reduce discrimination against LGBTQ+ students and increase the visibility of …

COVID-19 stressing you out? Choose to activate your greatest personal strengths to get through this. Simply pause, notice, and apply.

Applying a Facebook filter to support the Mpact of Las Cruces TDOV 2020 community campaign.

Use principles of ACT to revise, refine, and reframe that which is most important to you across life domains for the new decade.

A step-by-step guide on signing informed consent documents with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.


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