Sexual Stories and Satisfaction

Sexual Stories and Satisfaction

Currently Seeking Participants!

Are you unsatisfied with your sex life?

Do you engage in behaviors that could be safer?

Are you looking for a boyfriend, but just can’t seem to find him?

If you have experienced sexual problems or you would like to feel more sexually satisfied, please contact us by email or phone to schedule a confidential interview (18+ only).

We will pay you $10 in Gift Cards, delivered to an email address of your choice, to compensate you for your time.

Do I Qualify?

You can participate in this study if you:

  • identify as a man
  • are attracted to men
  • are over the age of 18
  • experience a sexual problem(s), a lack of sexual satisfaction, or some other undesired outcome(s) relating to your sex life

#What Do You Mean by “Problems” and “Satisfied”?

The definitions are up to you. What has been bothering you about sex and relationships?

Some examples might, but don’t have to, include:

  • difficulty finding a sexual partner
  • not having enough sex or the type of sex that you want
  • attracted to straight-acting men only
  • getting high before or after sex
  • feeling bad before or after sex
  • engaging in risky behaviors
  • staying in unsatisfying relationships
  • difficulty talking to your partner about your fantasies
  • loss of sexual desire
  • difficulty sustaining an erection
  • watching “too much” pornography

If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

What’s the Purpose?

The primary aim of the present project is to create a model of how sexual scripts become unhelpful—or maladaptive—among men who have sex with men (MSM). We are interested in how sexual practices and desires lead to sexual problems or take away from sexual satisfaction.

What Should I Expect?

As a participant, you can expect 1 to 2 interviews via Skype, Zoom, or by phone.

After answering some demographic questions in the first interview, we will ask you to tell the story of your sexual life.

These questions focus on your desires (e.g., “Who do you remember being attracted to?”), fantasies (e.g., “What turns you on the most?”), behaviors (e.g., “How do you currently find your sexual partners?”), and satisfaction (e.g., “How satisfied are you with those practices?”).

At the end of the first interview, we will ask if you would like to participate in a follow-up interview.

During the follow-up interview, we will ask you to describe your sexual experiences and masturbatory behavior since we last met (e.g., “What did you do, feel, or think to experience what turns you on the most?”).

In both interviews, you will have the chance to select a pseudonym. Any accidental information disclosed in the interview will be removed (e.g., if you disclose that your hometown is Denver, we will write “a large urban city”).

Your responses will be recorded and transcribed.

You can access the informed consent by clicking the PDF link at the top of the page.

Follow the step-by-step guide to sign the informed consent document and email it to Cory, the Principal Investigator for this project.

Cory J. Cascalheira
Doctoral Researcher in Counseling Psychology

Research interests include identity, oppression, and resilience among marginalized populations, especially sexual minorities, with attention to addiction, sexual well-being, and non-traditional sexual practices (i.e., BDSM, kink). Clinical interests include mindfulness, ACT, and CBT.

Tracie L. Hitter
Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology

Research interests include identity and self-concept, as well as sexuality and sexual satisfaction. Clinical interests include supervision and training, particularly as it relates to the use of experiential techniques, such as mindfulness and sand tray, to increase counselor effectiveness.