A certain evolution: A phenomenological study of 24/7 BDSM and negotiating consent

Our findings suggested that 24/7 BDSM is a socially constructed, consensual, full-time adherence to kink-related roles and behaviours untethered to time-limited scenes, woven into other life domains, and operating as an umbrella term to encompass other perpetual power dynamics.

Invisible stories: A phenomenological study of bi and trans parent experiences within PK-12 public schools

Article in press. Based on qualitative data, we provide recommendations on ways school personnel can better support trans and bi parents and their children.

Critical Evaluation of The ATLESH Project

The ATLESH Project was insufficiently rigorous. Here's how it failed to meet the standards of grounded theory.

Results from The ATLESH Project

Client-identified areas of improvement and recommendations for leadership of SafeHouse Ministries, a nonprofit in Columbus, Georgia.